Course Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they include information on payments, refunds, cancellations, exclusions, what is expected of you as the student and what you can expect from us.  

Payments and Course Prices

  • A non-refundable deposit of £100 (or the course balance if less than £100) is to be paid at the time of booking. 
  • The balance is to be settled in full before your course commences. 
  • All prices quoted are for a class size of two on that course. You can opt for 1:1 training at additional cost. 

Your Responsibilities 

  • You agree to complete all independent/home study as required and specified by us, including reading, reviews and where appropriate online exams. Unless advised to the contrary this is to be completed before your scheduled academic sessions and workshops.  If you have not completed the required independent/home study, we reserve the right to reschedule your class and charge a rescheduling fee to avoid disruption to your fellow students
  • You agree to leave full days free for your training. Your timetable provides guide times for activities but be aware Open Water Sessions do not run to strict timings and it is possible to overrun. If in any doubt, contact us and ask for further guidance. 
  • You agree to be well rested prior to attending any course. In water activities require physical exertion and you can be tired at first. If you feel unwell on any given day you must advise your Instructor or contact us in advance at the earliest opportunity by phone or email. If we deem you unfit to take part or are not advised in advance that you are unwell, we reserve the right to charge for a repeat day of training. 
  • You agree to follow all course instructions/directions given to you by your Instructor and Mulberry Staff. These are for your safety and learning experience.
  • During COVID you agree to have your own mask and snorkel. We have a range available to purchase and will discuss fitting and options for you. Several of our courses include one, ask if you are not sure. 
  • You agree to look after all, and any equipment loaned to you by us for the duration of the course. If you lose or damage, in any way, the equipment provided for you, you will be required to pay the cost of replacing or repairing that equipment
  • You are responsible for your own, or your children’s transport and travel between training facilities, and locations. You will be given training locations in your timetable.
  • You agree to arrive 5 minutes before scheduled times so that your training can begin as outlined in your timetable. If you are late, we reserve the right to start the class without you and if necessary, charge for a makeup session. 

Our Responsibilities 

  • To follow SSI and HSE guidelines and rules to provide you with a safe and effective training environment. Provide you with a full list of compliances on request. 
  • To provide you with clear guidance in your timetable on which elements of independent/home study need to be completed
  • To provide you with equipment suitable for your course, to use for the duration of your course, excluding a mask and snorkel unless otherwise stated. If you find any equipment loaned to you uncomfortable please talk to your training Instructor or Mulberry Staff so we can appraise and where necessary address for you. 
  • To commence your scheduled training sessions on time
  • To provide at least 36 hours’ notice to the change of any planned Open Water training dives. 

Cancellations by you

  • You may cancel a Mulberry training course by submitting written notice via e-mail or letter - no verbal cancellations are accepted. 
  • The deposit paid is non-refundable and the balance of the course is subject to the following cancellation fees based on the full cost of the course at the time of booking:
    • Cancelled with more than 30 days before scheduled commencement no further payments are necessary. If you made payment in full at the time of booking, we would refund the balance less the deposit to you by the same method as it was originally paid. 
    • Cancelled with less than month but more than 14 days before the scheduled commencement a 50% cancellation fee will be required from you, equivalent to the full course price less any deposit paid
    • Cancelled with less than 14 days before the scheduled commencement a 75% cancellation fee will be required from you, less any deposit already paid.

Cancellations by us

  • We reserve the right to cancel a course at any time. We will offer you the choice of alternative dates or we will refund any monies paid in full depending on the cost paid at the time of booking. Please note
    • Our liability is limited to course fees only. We cannot be held liable for accommodation or other related expenses incurred.
    • If training has commenced, we reserve the right to charge for the services/ already provided to you. This will be deducted from the full costs and the balance refunded to you
    • Refunds will be made to the Individual who made the initial booking in the same way in which it was paid. 

Changes to Course Dates by You

  • You may reschedule a course once without penalty by giving written notice via e-mail or letter more than 14 days before the scheduled start of the course. Please note
    • If you reschedule with less than 14 days to the commencement date, we reserve the right to charge a rescheduling fee of £100, payable in full before training can recommence
    • If you reschedule more than once with more than 14 days’ notice we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £50.
  • If you are unwell and need to reschedule a course you need to contact us in writing by phone or email at the earliest opportunity. We will then agree new dates with you. If every reasonable effort has been made by you, or a person on your behalf, to contact us in writing no rescheduling fees will apply. 

Changes to Course Dates by us

  • We reserve the right to reschedule your course under the following circumstances
    • Illness of Instructor or Mulberry Staff mean we are unable to provide the course as prescribed
    • The course does not meet the required class size of two. You will be notified 14 days before commencement and given the option to drop back to the next course or upgrade to the 1:1 tuition. 
    • Diving is weather and conditions dependant; we train in the sea. If we determine that conditions are not suitable you will be given at least 36 hours’ notice and offered alternative dates and options as appropriate. 


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