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Junior Trade In Membership - For safety and enjoyment, it is best to have your own personal items including masks, snorkels, wet suits, boots, and fins. At Mulberry Marine Experiences we are realists and understand that having the right equipment for a Junior is difficult as they grow out of it quickly. It needs to be fitted correctly to offer them the benefits but can potentially only last for one season, sometimes less!!  This trade in offer membership/club gives you peace of mind around cost and they have equipment that fits them as they grow so they can join events, tours and adventures without added hire costs. 

Who does it apply to? Any snorkeller, freediver or diver that Mulberry Marine Experiences have trained who is under 17 years of age at the completion of their course. 

What is covered?  The basic personal items that make up their equipment. This includes masks, wetsuits, fins, and boots

How does it work? We arrange an appointment with you and them to work out the best options for them. Using the Junior Snorkel Diver as an example this will include a full length 3mm wetsuit, mask and snorkel, boots, and fins. The initial set is purchased from the range we offer and you can choose from our full range allowing you to select according to your budget. We then conduct a full fitting to ensure correct fit and comfort.

When they outgrow an item you bring it in for trade. We will check the condition and wear and tear, if all is good one of two things will happen. If we have the correct item in the school/stock we will swap for you for a small fee of £15 (multiple items can be swapped for one fee). If we do not have in stock what is needed, we order the item for you, but you will only pay us what it costs to get the item in for you plus the £15. All traded items will be of the same model/equivalent i.e. 3mm suit for 3mm suit.

What if they already have some items of their own? If you only want to be join for specific items that is allowable. For instance you only want to have a boots and fins, then you only purchase boots and fins. We will note which items apply. You can always add the wetsuit later if you want. 

What is the initial cost? The first set is purchased at full retail, you can choose from a range so there are prices to suit all budgets. You can consider this the buy in/membership fee for future trade ins. 

My child has benefited from one of your sponsored courses can they take part? Yes they can, you need to speak to us and we can discuss the ways we can help. 

Can it be brought as a gift for them? Yes, one or more members of the family can purchase it as a gift. We can send you a voucher to give to your child, this will be an e- voucher, it will be accompanied by an invitation to book their first fitting consultation. Once this fitting is completed, they will be issued with an online membership card, via their SSI profile so they can present for future trade-ins. 

Added benefits - Mulberry Marine Events have reduced pricing for those with their own equipment, they will be warmer and have more fun leading to them taking part more. Contact us by phone 01243 601000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view discuss and arrange your appointment.  





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