The Waldrons (Waldrens) dive site lies opposite Bognor Regis and approximately two miles offshore. 

It is characterised by large Sandstone boulders scattered across the seabed. These form numerous nooks, crannies and almost caves that offer shelter to marine life. Remember to take your torch for exploring these. There are intermittent patches of sand and blue clay between the boulders that host rays and cat sharks. 

The depth is around 18m and since this is usually done as a drift dive, and care needs to be taken navigating around the boulders. It is therefore suitable for those with some experiencing of drift diving. 

Marine Life is abundant and includes, eels, crabs, lobsters, cat sharks, nudibranchs, wrasse, blennies, gobies and much more. 

All Divers are asked to deploy a Surface Marker Buoy from the beginning of any Waldrens dive.


Dives at The Waldrons

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