Bognor Rocks

Reef, Scenic, Drift, Suitable for all, Snorkel/Basic Freediver

Bognor Rocks is a reef that curves out from the beach, from the West of Bognor Regis pier. By boat we tend to scuba dive only around High Water to ensure a reasonable depth of 6-8m. 

The reef is well potted and boat manoeuvrability can be limited by the lengthy surface lines often with somewhat indistinct flags. Marine life is typically plentiful and comprises what might be called the 'Usual Suspects' - Crabs, Lobsters, Blennies, Nudibranchs. Drift is towards the West (back towards Selsey, on a ebb tide).

All Divers are asked to deploy a Surface Marker Buoy from the beginning of each dive on Bognor Rocks

This site is possible as a Shore Dive, however the surface swim can be extensive. This is determined by which state of tide and part of the reef you are diving. We hold Marshalled Shore Dives and Open Water Workshops at the Aldwick end. 

The site is suitable for all levels of diver. 


Dives at Bognor Rocks

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