Nab Tower

Scenic, Suitable for all, Progression Dive 

Depth 20m

Originally designed and built to be the support for anti-submarine netting (a WWI scheme that never came to fruition), the current structure replaced the NAB lighhtship in 1920. A circular tower reduced from its original 28m height, it's base goes to 20m in steps, each step being 5m high and 2m wide - hence the original nickname 'The Wedding cake Ship!'. Being circular, there will always be a side sheltered from the tide - in practice we tend to dive it around slack water since currents here can be reasonably strong and the main shipping lane into Portsmouth/Southampton is about a mile either side. 

Usually plenty of sealife to be observed with Crabs and Lobsters at the base and shoals of fish mid-water. The vertical walls give a good reference for descents; SMB deployment is required at the end of the dive or when the structure is left.

Dive Wight and Hampshire 131


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