Beach Cleans

BalloonIt is sadly inevitable that a large percentage of the rubbish we produce ends up in our seas. Carried by winds and currents it can travel far from the starting location. We are passionate about caring for our seas and the Selsey Bill and Hounds Marine Conservation Zone but need your help to do so. 

Our aim is to remove and record the rubbish like micro-plastics, discarded litter, tangled monofilament fishing line, and weights; to name just a portion of what we can find. We need volunteers to help on the shore, on the water and underwater. If you are a walker, wader, snorkeller or diver and can spare a couple of hours we would love to have you join us. 

Each event will be run by Mulberry staff and the finds recorded and weighed. We are very pleased to say that thanks to  our sponsors Cove UK, who own the Bunn Lesiure Resort in Selsey we will be able to offer monthly beach cleans moving forward. We will alternate our efforts to focus cleans and data recordings between the East and West Side of Selsey. You will be provided with hoops, pickers and cutters but if you have your own please bring along.

If you are unable to attend but would like to support our efforts please consider becoming a Mulberry Me+ member. We use a proportion of your membership fee to fund our ecology efforts whilst offering you a host of benefits. If you would prefer to make a direct donation please just ask. 

Thank you to our sponsors. 

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Beach Cleans

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November 7, 2021 08:45 Selsey Lifeboat Station

Beach Clean

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