Ecology Activity Day

Are you looking for a fun day for family and friends? 

Would you like to combine fun with connecting with nature?

Our Ecology Activity Day was designed to meet both those needs. What is an Ecology Activity Day? It is a combination of the some of the best Mulberry Marine Experiences have to offer, with lunch included!

We know everyone is different and not everyone wants to get in the water, but many of us are keen to learn more about our marine life, conservation work and even how they can get involved. This day is build to promote and allow you to experience part of the amazing marine world in the Sussex Bay at Selsey. Our prime aim is that you all have fun so we have a number of combinations you can choose from so everyone can enjoy the day.

Intertidal/Subtidal - not the catchiest title perhaps but this day will get you up close with both these ecosystems. Your SSI Marine Ecology and Snorkel Instructor will stay with you all day so you can just relax and enjoy. We start by exploring the beaches of Selsey on your private Marine Life Walk, looking at the different habitats and comparing who prefers to live where. After a locally sourced packed lunch we head into the water for a Private Snorkel Tour to meet those marine creatures who prefer to stay in the water, your guide will show you where to find the sometimes shy life - crabs, blennies, prawns, gobies, pipefish and more who will you find?

Dry Toes and Curious Minds - if you are interested in the Marine World but would prefer to stay on dry land this is the day for you. Choose the topic you are most interested in from Kelp, UK sharks, Skates and Rays, Fish Life, and crab life and in mix of indoor and outdoor learning your SSI Marine Ecology Instructor will help satisfy your curiosity. Indoors we will use video, pictures and sensory experience to help you learn more about your chosen topic. Outdoors we will rock pool at various locations around Selsey and Bognor Regis,  visiting crab nurseries, treasure hunting on the strandline and exploring. 

What is included?

  • Packed Lunch of sandwiches, snack and drink
  • All equipment needed, just bring your swimming costumes and towels if heading in water
  • Private event led by your SSI Marine Ecology/Snorkel Instructor for the day
  • Video and photographs of your day, complied into a reel for you to keep and share

The price of £250 is based on four people, you can add additional children or adults for £25 per person. This experience is about you so dates will be agreed that suit your visit or stay, available all week between April and October. In water activities are weather and conditions dependent, you will be offered alternatives in the event we are unable to safely proceed. 

If you are looking to be more actively contributing to the knowledge and well being of our coasts then consider joining one of our monthly Citizen Science Days. 

Terms and Conditions of Booking 

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