We are pleased to offer a SSI SWIM School in Selsey, West Sussex. SSI SWIM offers a comprehensive program of courses designed to teach anyone of any age to SWIM with confidence. From parent and baby classes, to preparing you for competitive swimming, or becoming a SWIM Teacher yourself, you can take your swimming wherever you want. Classes focus on technique over distance,  once you master the correct techniques then the distance comes with ease. By the time you are swimming 25 metres you will be able to bilaterally breathe and flip turn with ease. 

The initial classes are based on age so the teaching methods is appropriate to the age of the swimmer. Classes are always kept small with no more than four students to a swimming instructor. This ensures that every student is given the opportunity to work with their instructor during the class. SSI SWIM Teachers teach in water, for safety and to enable correction of technique and demonstrations as required. Programs run over 18 weeks, comprising of 30 minute sessions. Swimming is an essential skill that allows us to enjoy the water in confidence and safety. 

We offer scheduled classes, private lessons, coaching sessions and SWIM teacher training all in Selsey. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more or register for a class. 

Classes beginning in January 2024 are listed below we have some spaces available. 

  • Preschool I and II (minimum age 4) 
  • Intermediate Swimmers (minimum age 6) Tuesday 16:05
  • Beginner I and II (minimum age 6) Tuesday 16:45
  • Beginner II and III (minimum age 6) Tuesday 17:25
  • Adult beginner (minimum age 17) Wednesday 16:20
  • Beginner I, II and III (minimum age 12) Wednesday 17:00

We are always happy to discuss your needs and talk you through the programme, with options available for you observe classes. We do offer a number of sponsored places if you would like your child or self to learn but are worried about cost please call 01243 601000 to discuss options with us. 

During Summer Holidays 2024 we are looking to run a Summer SWIM Camp, follow our social media (Facebook, Instagram) for more announcements and enrollment opening dates. 

SWIM School terms and conditions are available on request.



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