Barry Jarvis

In building the website we wanted to use photographs that represented the diving on offer from Selsey, West Sussex. We would like to make a special mention to those who have made this possible for us.  We asked each of the non Mulberry contributors to write a piece about them. We were lucky enough to met Barry Jarvis during his dives in Selsey.  

I’ve been a diver for 30 years learning whilst serving in Northern Ireland when in the Royal Marines.  Before diving I was a keen “topside hobby photographer” using film and slides but it wasn’t until 2004 that I bought a secondhand Fuji S2 camera and Aquatica housing and took my hobby underwater.  Whilst those early days produced a record of the dives it was fair to say the results were pretty poor and it was a few years and a lot of mistakes before things started to improve. 

In the early days the majority of dives were UK based, Plymouth being one of the prime locations, but there were numerous trips to St Abbas, Scapa Flow, Oban, Ireland, as well as along the UK South Coast.  During a period living in Petersfield, Hampshire, I spent many days diving out of Selsey, West Sussex.  The ease of diving both shore and boat along with the variety of underwater sea life made this location a great place to dive and explore.  I have been lucky to travel and many regular trips overseas to the Philippines and Indonesia helped to keep a passion for underwater photography.  That and the warm water.

 Now based in the Scottish Borders I’m exploring different dive locations and opportunities this area has to offer.

You can see more of Barry's work here 


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