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Close up of dog whelk shells feeding on rocks along the shore line

Marine Ecology 

 Advocacy via Education 
“In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.” 
Baba Dioum, 1968
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Marine Life Walks

Our Marine Life walks will introduce you to the marine residents of the intertidal zone, and give you an insight into daily life. 

Mulberry Marine team member showing group of children the life on a groyne near the waters edge, sea in the background

Family friendly and suitable for all ages, bespoke options available

White whelk shells feeding on rocks with wet green weed around them
SSI Marine Ecology Course

If you want to learn more about our seas and the life that inhabits them, this course will provide you with a solid foundation on which to build.

Close up of small hermit crab in a pale whelk shell, eyes are visible

Why not add a marine life walk to your course and see the concepts in practice?

SSI Coral Identification 

An insight into the world of corals. Coral reefs offer a home to an abundance of life. Learn about their spawning habits and health issues that they face.

Close up of Coral

We will explore cold and warm water species of these beautiful marine animals 

SSI Coral Idenfication certfication card
SSI Marine Mammal Ecology 

Look into the world of whales, dolphins, and seals. Learn how to tell a sirenian from a  pinniped. 

Seal on surface looking at camera

Covering best practice when you  encounter and how to help those in need. 

Image of SSI Marine Mammal certfication card
SSI Shark

Change the way you look at sharks. Examine their importance to our seas and replace any Hollywood perceptions with a true understanding of these amazing creatures.

Close up of head of lesser spotted cat shark

The UK focus will look at the visiting and resident sharks found around the coast

Image of SSI Shark Ecology Certification card
Citizen Science Days

An opportunity for you to contribute to scientific studies. We focus on nurdle hunts,  egg case hunts, kelp and intertidal surveys.

Hand holding a dried shark egg case, still tied into the weed after washing up

Monthly sessions that suitable for all the family.  Equipment will be provided

Ray egg case laying on shell wall for measuring
SSI Fish Identification 

Learn about the common fish families you are likely to meet whilst exploring - . includes an in-depth focus on Sussex Fish species 

Close up of tompot blenny head, sitting on bottom, markings are very clear

Whether you are rock pooling or exploring in water find out how about what you will see

SSI Manta and Ray Ecology

These amazing unique fish capture imaginations. Learn how to tell species apart and the pressures they find themselves under.

Image of skake just lifting from the seabed. You can see the lines and dots marking the fish

Learn how to tell rays from skates and the best places in Sussex to see them

Image of SSI Manta and Ray certfication card
SSI Sea Turtle Ecology

Discover the seven living sea turtle species.  Gain a greater understanding of these much-loved marine residents.

Sea Turtle swimming over reef

Explore the stages of their 50 to 100 year life, evolution and their place in the ocean

Image of SSI Sea Turtle Ecology Card
Shoresearch Events

We are delighted to offer Shoresearch events around the Selsey area.  working in partnership with Sussex Wildlife Trust to offer more opportunities for you to take part. 

View past groyne end covered in weed out to sea

A walkover survey, younger spotters are welcome. Who will you meet?

Close up of tube worms and squirts living on a oyster shell
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