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SSI Scuba Diving

Whether you are wanting to try for the first time, develop your skills or take opportunities to explore we can help 

Get Started 

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SSI Try Scuba

Experience the thrill of taking your first breath underwater.  Under the guidance of your instructor discover neutral buoyancy


Your chance to become an aquanaut  

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SSI Basic Diver 

Take the adventure further. You will experience the pool then go on shore dive with your professionals to meet the marine life 


A chance to experience and sea dive. 

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Marshalled Shore Dive

Explore Selsey shore dive. Surface cover and full briefings given 


No Buddy No worries, we will match you with another diver. 

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Under Construction 

SCUBA more coming soon

We are just working to ensure that this section is ready for you. If you need to talk SCUBA in the meantime hit the button!!

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