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  • Shoresearch

    We need volunteers to join us on our Shoresearch events around the Selsey area. We are currently monitoring three sites, each has a different feel when exploring. What is Shoresearch? It is a volunteer programme that allows you to take part to help our coasts. The Sussex Shoresearch volunteer program is coordinated by the Sussex Wildlife Trust and forms part of a national programme of Shoresearch recording led by The Wildlife Trusts. Mulberry Marine Experiences are working in partnership with Sussex Wildlife Trust to offer more opportunities for you to take part. The aim is to build a baseline of data on the wildlife that is living in the intertidal ecosystem around Sussex, that can be used to improve understanding and promote conservation. What Happens? The events are timed to coincide with low water so we can conduct a walk over survey recording the species that we find and the habitats where they are living. Each event will last for around 2-3 hours and involve walking, wading and exploration of rocky areas. Who is it suitable for? Suitable for anyone over 12, but all children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. We do offer some junior events for younger children that want to be included, they will be advertised a Junior Shoresearch. Do I need to be an expert in Marine Life? No. All you need is eagle eyes and a sense of adventure. Cameras are welcome and we are happy to arrange events for school groups, and educational facilities All shoresearch events are provide free of charge and run by first aid trained members of the Mulberry team.

  • Guided Snorkel Tour

    Snorkelling offers you a fantastic chance to get close to shy marine residents. Maybe you have snorkelled on holiday but not considered doing it in the UK or are uncertain of what you can see on the South Coast of England. Whilst it is true, the water temperature is less than the Caribbean it is often 18 degrees plus in the summer months. With a thin wet suit, you can have hours of fun! What can you see? Plenty when you know where to look! Our water is green not blue, and the marine residents are often, but not always, in muted colours. This can make them harder to spot than the flashes of yellow and blue along colourful reefs. You guide will help you get your eye in so you can find and see blennies, gobies, prawns, crabs, pipefish, anemones, sponges, wrasse, bream, bass and more. You do not need previous experience; we ask that you are comfortable in the water and able to swim. They are designed to give you the confidence to snorkel safely whilst having fun. Led by SSI Snorkel Instructors you will be taken through every step. Starting with a safety briefing and introduction we then move into the water to explore shore sites including Selsey Lifeboat Station, East Beach, Aldwick, Swanage, Chesil and Durdle Door. Your Guide will take the time to make sure you are settled and practice buddy techniques in the shallows before you head off to explore. Great fun for the family, children are welcome. They must be at least 6 and able to swim 25 metres unaided. All those under 14 must be accompanied by an adult in the water. The cost is £50 per person which includes the use of all the equipment that you need, (mask, snorkel, fins, and wet suit). If you have your own equipment, we recommend that you use it. We encourage you to bring cameras so you can capture the memories and hope you do not mind if we do. If you want to explore further afield, we offer excursions and guided holidays to explore the amazing UK coastline, watch social media and the events section for more information. Private tours can be arranged on dates to suit you. If you would like to discuss, contact us directly on 01243 601000 to arrange.

  • Try Mermaid

    Mermaids and Mermen are real, and the SSI Try Mermaid Programme provides you with the chance to experience the transformation yourself. It is not only great fun but excellent for fitness and water confidence. This comprehensive introduction will introduce you moving through the water with your mono fin and tail, comfortably and safely under the guidance of your SSI Mermaid Instructor who will be in the water with you at every step. What do Mermaids and Mermen do on these tasters? They learn entry techniques, how to move with your mono fin and tail and correct breathing for underwater swims and skills. There is of course fun time as your confidence grows and with your permission, we will take video and photographs of your adventure for you to keep. It makes for a magical celebration, memorable family experience or a fun way to spend time with your friends. One thing is certain it is too much fun for just the young!! We do offer Mermaid Birthday parties just contact us for more information on the full package. At what age can they take part? Minimum age is 6 and they need to be capable of swimming 12 metres unaided. Is equipment provided? Yes, we have a full range of mono fins and tails to fit all. Where does it take place and how long does it last? In a pool in Selsey, West Sussex, your experience will last 1 hour What is included? Digital Manual Equipment workshop on pool side Confined water/pool session Digital recognition card on completion Equipment hire (mono fin and tail) Masks* are not provided but you can wear googles. Instructor time *we do have a full range of masks available for sale with fitting.

  • Try Freediving

    Do you wonder what Freediving feels like? Are you looking for a new way to improve your fitness? Then the SSI Try Freediving Programme is the place to start. Freediving allows you to get closer to the marine life and stay longer than snorkelling and without the weight of Scuba equipment. It does not have to be all about depth but comfort, relaxation and ocean exploration. This experience will introduce to you the skills and concepts that recreational Freedivers use and let you experience the different disciplines of static and dynamic apnea. You will start with a pool side breathing and safety workshop with your instructor to help prepare you for the best experience in the water. You will discover how to use the bi-fins to aid your movement as you glide beneath the surface, relax as you try your first static breath hold all under the guidance of your SSI Freediving Instructor in comfort and safety. Is there a minimum age? You need be at least 10 and comfortable in the water. Do I need to have worn fins and masks before? No, we will take you from the beginning it is a full introduction. I have been snorkelling for some time, do I need to do this taster? If you are an experienced snorkeller then you may get more from the BASIC Freediver Programme which will take you below the surface and includes ocean time. I do not have any equipment is it provided? We can provide you with all the equipment you need for this experience but highly recommend that you invest in your own mask. We offer a full fitting service and have a wide range to choose from. Fittings can be arranged prior to your experience. What is included? Digital Manual Breathing workshop poolside Confined water/pool session Digital recognition card on completion Equipment hire – we recommend your own mask Instructor time Every time you take part you help us do more, thank you

  • Try Scuba Experience

    Have you every wondered what it would be like to breathe under water? Then an SSI Try Scuba Experience is the perfect place to start. Under the guidance of your SSI Instructor you will be introduced to the equipment, take your first underwater breaths and get to discover the feeling of weightlessness that comes with neutral buoyancy, within the comfort of a heated pool. During the hour your SSI Instructor will introduce to the equipment, putting on and adjusting for fit and comfort, before heading under water the first time. Each class only has two participants so you can get the maximum benefit from your experience. At what age can they take part? Minimum age is 8 and they need to be capable of swimming 12 metres unaided. Is equipment provided? Yes, we will provide the equipment needed for Try Scuba Experience Where does it take place and how long does it last? In a pool in Selsey, West Sussex, your experience will last 1 hour What is included? Digital Manual Equipment workshop on pool side Confined water/pool session Digital recognition card on completion Equipment hire Instructor time

  • Snorkel and Freediving Club Meets

    We are fortunate at Mulberry Marine Experiences to be located just minutes from the beach at Selsey, West Sussex. The area is included in the Selsey Bill and Hounds Marine Conservation Zone and has an amazing biodiversity of life. Just along the coast we have access to Bognor Rocks at the Aldwick end - both perfect for a spot of exploring and using your skills as a snorkeller or freediver. When the weather is good and summer evenings are long you will be hard pressed to find a better place to be than in the sea so never be hampered by a lack of a buddy. Take the chance to put your skills into practice, with time for you to explore and get close to the marine life! All the meets are staffed by Mulberry Marine Experiences. We provide a briefing, advice and surface cover whilst you are in the water, with every member of staff fully first aid trained. Each workshop runs for a maximum of three hours. They are open everyone who holds a Snorkel Diver (or equivalent) certification or above. We ask that children under 15 be accompanied by an adult, they do not have to be in the water but need to remain close to hand in the event the Junior wishes to finish early. We take safety as seriously as our fun so if you have not trained with us before then we reserve the right to ask you work with an Instructor for your first session, please just email us for further full details. What is included? Surface Cover Briefing We will give you a buddy if you do not have one Equipment can be hired, it will need to be booked in advance. We recommend you contact us when you book your club sessions, members benefit from reduced hire rates.

  • Marine Ecology

    The SSI Marine Ecology Course is designed to provide you with a general introduction to the subject of marine ecology. You will look at how marine organisms interact with each other and their environment, the flow of energy through communities, and the link between ocean ecosystems. We look at the way humans interact with the oceans. Allowing us to better understand the effect this has on the complex and balanced ecosystems and measures we can take to protect them. Provided with your courses is an online manual that will provide you with a global overview, then in your academic workshop we will cover unique content that brings all the information together in a UK and Selsey context. Who is suitable for? Anyone aged over six who has an interest in marine ecology. Do I have to get in the water? No this is a land-based course open to everyone with an interest. You have the option to add a Marine Life Walk, snorkel, or shore dive at Selsey, to see first-hand the theories covered in class. Just ask for details of the cost and how to add this to your course when booking. What is included in my course fee? Digital Manual Digital Certification card on completion Digital Mulberry Recognition of the Selsey viewpoint on completion Workshop and presentations across four hours Access to the free Blue Oceans material on registration with SSI. If you want to further your understanding of the oceans and their inhabitants, we offer a range of SSI Ecology courses including, Manta and Ray Ecology, Fish Identification, Coral Identification, Marine Mammal Ecology, Sea Turtle Ecology and Shark Ecology. Cannot decide and want to do them all check out the Ecology Course bundle for a saving. Every course helps us do a little more.

  • Ecology Course Bundle

    We currently offer seven SSI Ecology Courses for you to choose from with more coming soon. Why pick out your favourite when you can save money by booking five courses for the price of four? You select from Coral Identification, Fish Identification, Manta and Ray Ecology, Marine Ecology, Marine Mammal Ecology, Sea Turtle Ecology and Shark Ecology. We will ask your preferences on the booking form and if purchasing as a gift you have the option to let them choose later. Explore and discover amazing marine life over two and half days. All our ecology courses are taught with a Sussex and UK focus so you can become advocates for the fabulous UK marine residents surrounding our shores. Who is suitable for? Anyone aged over six who has an interest in marine ecology and can be offered as part of our children's ecology clubs. Do I have to get in the water? All courses are land-based and open to everyone with an interest in all things aquatic.

  • Citizen Science Day

    What is a Citizen Science? It is when the public voluntarily helps conduct scientific research. The programmes are designed by scientists and contribute to the knowledge, and well being of our natural environment. At Mulberry Marine Experiences, taking part in these programmes help us to support the Marine Environment, local charities and groups that are working on specific projects to support the waters and inhabitants around the UK. Citizen Science Days will show you how you can turn every beach day into a positive way to help the seas and oceans, they are your chance to make a difference. Why come along? It might be your first time and you are not sure where to start, it could be to help a project you are already supporting further, a chance to find out more about the work that we carry out and meet a group of who people want to have fun whilst helping. We offer days monthly and each day will be made up of several elements including micro beach cleans (specific sites in areas of 100ms), shark and ray egg case recording, kelp recording, intertidal species surveys, and marine interactions including how to act around seals, reporting sightings of healthy and sick animals. There are opportunities for volunteers to take part in water if you want but this optional. For more information on taking part in the water check out our Seasearch Observer Days for snorkellers, freedivers and divers. Each Citizen Science Day will be run by Mulberry staff who are fully first aid trained. Full briefings and equipment will be provided (thank you to COVE Communities who sponsored our beach clean kits) for all land-based activities, if you are taking part in water equipment can be hired. These family friendly days are provided as free community programmes, but we do ask you to enroll below so we can plan staff accordingly. Would you like to volunteer to help us run these dates? Give us a call on 01243 601000. If you are a business looking to get your staff involved, we offer corporate days. Contact us to discuss our well being and environment offering for your employees. Please join us, we cannot do it without you.

  • Marshalled Shore Dive

    At Mulberry Marine Experiences we know that not everyone has a buddy or opportunity to go diving as often they would like and when new to a site you may not be sure of currents, conditions and best times to go diving. Our Marshalled shore dives are designed to help solve these concerns for our certified divers. Selsey is fortunate to have an accessible shore dive along East Beach, that allows you to explore the Marine Conservation Zone laying just off the beach. We have regular and seasonal visitors that include cat sharks, rays, pipefish, seahorses, nudibranchs, crabs, wrasse, anemones and much more. With a maximum depth of 6 metres there is plenty of time for exploring, creature spotting and for taking pictures. Every Marshalled Dive is supported by Mulberry Staff who are first aid trained and ready to assist. They will meet you and make introductions to buddy pairs if you have not met before, provide you with a full briefing for the site and then stay as surface cover for your dive. We include 12L cylinders with air and 10 kg block weight on a belt as part of the booking, if you do not require just drop us an email. Your surface cover will meet you on Lifeboat Station Green 30 minutes before estimated dive time, so we recommend that you have set up your equipment ready for the briefing. You must have a DSMB and reel each and a timing device. Selsey is a working beach and DSMBs are essential. I do not have a buddy can I book on a Marshalled Dive? Yes, we will match you up and make introductions before the briefing. I have never dived in the UK are these suitable for me? They make a great first sea dive experience in the UK. Can I hire other equipment? Yes, we do offer equipment rental, why not check out the pricing plans to include equipment with you dive and save a little money. We do not hire mask, snorkels, gloves, hoods, DSMBS and Reels (included with some wet suits). All equipment must be hired in advance please contact us with your requirements. Can I arrange a Marshall for my club or just for my buddy and I? Yes, we are happy to look at providing a marshalling service for you. You need to contact us by email to check availability and price. I would prefer to dive with a Professional do you offer Guided Dives? Yes, we can offer a guided dive. Please contact us for more information and availability.

  • Snorkel Diver programme

    Have you ever donned a mask, snorkel and fins and headed into the water? Were you comfortable and enjoying the view or fighting equipment? The SSI Snorkel Diver programme is designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to explore with confidence and safety. With the world being 71% water this will equip you to undertake your own Snorkelling adventures. Discover the wealth of life waiting to be discovered at Selsey, West Sussex, around the UK Coastline and on your holidays further afield. Who is this suitable for? Everyone, no experience is required. If you love being in the water or want to be more confident, have a special trip booked or looking for a fun low impact sport to keep fit. It is for you. Your Snorkel Instructor will tailor your course to suit your goals and needs. What is involved? We start with a workshop where your instructor will cover equipment selection, planning your adventures and fun! We then have two sessions in water where you will cover equipment preparation, mask and snorkel skills, finning techniques, working with your buddy, self, and buddy rescue, exit and entry techniques, specialised equipment use. How long does it take? It can be completed in a single day. Where do you do the water sessions? You can opt to complete the course in Open Water, your Snorkelling Instructor will take you into the sea, weather and conditions being suitable, to explore sites from the shore like Selsey Lifeboat Station, East Beach and West Beach. If you would rather gain confidence first there is the option to complete the course in a pool, you can then master the basics before heading into the sea! What is included? Digital Manual Skills session in water Guided Snorkel Tour with skill practice (if taking the sea option) Practical planning workshop Digital Recognition card on completion Equipment hire, except for a mask and snorkel. It is best to have your own fitted mask and we have plenty to suit all budgets and face shapes. Instructor time We want you to get the most from your learning experience, so we keep our classes small. If you prefer, we do offer a 1:1 option and dates to suit you on all our training courses, just ask for pricing and dates. Once you are certified we have a range of guided tours, holidays and chances for you to join us exploring around the UK coast. Use your skills to join us on Survey of the subtidal.

  • Basic Freediver

    If you want to get exploring the ocean as soon as possible this is the programme for you. The SSI Basic Freediver program is a more in-depth introduction to the sport. Whether you are new to the sport, or if you already enjoy your snorkelling then this course will take it to the next level. It will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to plan, execute and enjoy freediving with your buddy to depths of 5 metres. The one-day program is perfect for those wishing to learn the concepts and to be more relaxed in the water. Enjoy exploring, photography and adventure to depths of 5m on certification. You will take part in academic workshops including equipment selection, use and maintenance, and a mini breathing workshop. You will transfer these skills into the real world with a pool and then open water session to fully prepare you for exploring in comfort and safety. Our beach at Selsey Lifeboat Station offers a perfect spot for training. Part of the Selsey Bill and Hounds Marine Conservation zone there is plenty of opportunity to discover the marine life whilst mastering your skills. Is there a minimum age? You need to be at least 10 and confident in water. Do I need to have equipment? Only a mask and snorkel we will provide everything else you need. You are welcome to use your equipment if you have it, just ask if you are not sure about its suitability. I have never snorkelled before, is this the right course for me? If you are water confident and comfortable in the sea then you can begin here, but if you want an introduction to see if you will like the sport we recommend a Try Freediving Experience. What can I do once I have completed the programme? Explore, have fun, join us on Open Water workshops, trips and tours or upgrade to take your freediving further. What is included? Digital Manual Academic workshops Practical breathing class Confined water/pool session Open Water Session Online certification card on completion Equipment hire (you will need a mask and snorkel set**) Instructor time By taking part you help us do more, thank you.

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