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Freediver breathing up on surface of the sea, laying on her back

SSI Freediving 

Get closer to the Marine Life with freediving.  We focus on scenic exploration more than depth,  in great company.

Get Started 

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SSI Try Mermaid

Experience the magic of being a Mermaid. A taster session designed to give you an insight in a fun way to enjoy the water

Three mermaid fins and tails on poolside

Too much fun for just the young!

Copy of SSI Mermaid recognition card
SSI Try Freediving

Find out what freediving is all about. Experience the different disciplines and discover your inner marine mammal 

Freediving completing a static hold in a swmming pool

Discover a new way to enjoy water time!

Image of SSI Try Freediving Recognition Card

Freediving Courses 

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SSI Basic Freediver

Take your adventures further. Develop the skills and techniques to explore below the surface. 

Instructor giving a briefing on the shore at Selsey

Ready to start exploring?

Image of SSI Basic Freediver card
SSI Freediver

Explore more, staying longer and diving deeper into the ocean. Build on your Pool Freediver skills. 

Freediver exploring a reef

Offered as an upgrade to Pool Freediver 

Image of SSI Freediver Certification
SSI Free Immersion 

Gently progress your depth and confidence. We introduce you to the grace and relaxation of Free Immersion. 

Bottom of freediving buoy from underneath the surface

Take your time and enjoy the view

Copy of SSI Free Immersion certifcation card
Open Water Workshops

Opportunities to use and progress your freediving skills. Buddies and good company provided 

Freedivers out on the water at Selsey, exploring on a sunny day

Just have fun, explore or take refresh essential skills

Freedivers on the line preparing to dive
SSI Pool Freediver

Foundation course that provides you with the skills, concepts and knowledge. 

Freediver completing a static hold in a pool

Prepare and train all year round

Image of SSI Pool Freediver certification card
SSI Training Techniques

Learn how  to train to enjoy more time doing what you love - Freediving

Freediver completing dynamic swims in a pool

Explore dry and wet training techniques

Image of SSI Training Techniques certifcation card
SSI Photo and Video 

Capture the memories of every Freedive. Learn how to use video and cameras to capture that moment. 

Carpet of fan worms, open and feeding

Introduction for those not sure how to begin

Image of SSI Photo and Video certfication card
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