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Close up of Mahina Mermaid finson the beach sprinkled with sand

SSI Mermaids

Discover your inner Mermaid, from experiences to taking your adventures into the ocean. Fun, social and 100% enjoyment guaranteed 

Get Started 

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SSI Try Mermaid

Experience the magic of being a Mermaid. A taster session designed to give you an insight in a fun way to enjoy the water

Mermaid fins and tails on poolside

Too much fun for just the young!

Image of SSI Try Mermaid recognition card
SSI Try Freediving

Find out what freediving is all about. Experience the different disciplines and discover your inner marine mammal 

Freediver and buddy working on a static holds in a pool

Discover a new way to enjoy water time!

Image of SSI Try Freediving recognition card

Mermaid Courses

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SSI Mermaid 

A comprehensive first course to ensure your Mermaid time is safe and fun. A pool based course. 

Two ladies in Mermaid fins and tails on poolside

Learn in our Mahina fins with locally made tails. 

Image of SSI Mermaid Certification card
SSI Ocean Mermaid 

Is the pool too confining for your Inner Mermaid? Take the adventure into the sea. 

Mahina mermaid fin on snady beach with wave washing in

Become a real life Mermaid!

Image of SSI Ocean Mermaid Course
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