Citizen Science Day

Citizen Science put into simple terms is when the public voluntarily helps conduct scientific research. The programmes are designed by scientists and contribute to the knowledge, and well being of our natural environment. At Mulberry Marine Experiences taking part in these programmes help us to support the Marine Environment and local charities and groups that are working on specific projects to support the waters and inhabitants around the UK. 

The Citizen Science Day is your chance to make a difference. This might be your first time and you are not sure where to start, a project you are already supporting, a chance to find out more about the work that we carry out, or meet a group of who people want to have fun whilst helping. Each of the dates below will be made up of a number elements including micro beach clean (specific sites in areas of 100ms) both on the land and in the water, egg case recording both on land and in water, kelp recording of specimens seen and washed up, Seasearch Observer Snorkel and Freedive events. Our Shoresearch events will run separately.  

Each Citizen Science Day will be run by Mulberry staff who are fully first aid trained. Full briefings and equipment will be provided (thank you to COVE Communities who sponsored our beach clean kits) for all land based activities, if you are taking part in water equipment can be hired. These family friendly days are provided as free community programmes but we do ask you to enrol below so we can plan staff accordingly. If you would like to volunteer to help us with these dates please give us a call on 01243 601000.  

Mulberry is a Blue Oceans Centre that has participated in Citizen Science for over 15 years. Help us beat our records for events

  • Beach Clean - 250 pieces of micro plastics from one 2 metre square
  • Egg Case Recording - 243 Egg cases collected in just 45 minutes, it took longer to survey!
  • Shoresearch - 27 different species from the intertidal in one walkover survey

If you are looking for a corporate day we are happy to discuss our wellbeing and environment offering for your employees. 

Please join us, we can not do it without you. 


Beach Cleans

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Date Time Location Notes Depth Taken Available Price Book
January 21, 2024 13:00 Selsey Lifeboat Station

Beach Clean

0 40 Free
February 17, 2024 10:00 Windmill Beach

Beach Clean

0 40 Free
March 17, 2024 10:00 Oval Field

Beach Clean

0 40 Free
April 20, 2024 15:30 Selsey Lifeboat Station

Beach Clean

0 40 Free
May 12, 2024 08:30 Windmill Beach

Beach Clean

0 40 Free
June 30, 2024 12:00 Oval Field

Beach Clean

0 40 Free
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