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Marine Ecology Club at The Academy. Selsey

Group of children and instructors snorkelling in the water at Selsey, East beach
Snorkel Experience

We love working with young ocean lovers, they are very knowledgeable and creative with a real passion for the marine environment. At Mulberry we want to foster that passion using education and fun and bring their knowledge to the sea around the UK coastline and Selsey and the Sussex Bay in particular. Over the last four years we have been proud to sponsor an extra curriculum after school club at The Academy. Selsey with the support of the school’s teaching staff.

We started at The Academy during COVID after the club at Chichester Free School and The Regis School, had to shut down. Initially we were restricted to a small year 8 group but have now been able to open the club up to anyone who wants to attend. During the academic year club members work towards SSI Ecology certifications, take part in field trips, study UK marine life in closer detail and have even enjoyed a spot of snorkelling all fully funded by Mulberry Marine Experiences. When we say that by taking part you help us do more, this is just one programme you contribute to with every purchase, activity and experience you take part in.


Group of club members holding Blue Oceans flag at their award ceremony
Club 2021-2022 Awards

Previous years has seen club members complete SSI Marine Ecology, SSI Fish Identification, SSI Shark Ecology, SSI Sea Turtle Ecology, For the Love of Cephalopods, Starfish Cute or Diabolical. During this academic year 2023-2024 the club are covering SSI Marine Mammal Ecology, Seahorses and Pipefish, and will be taking part in a Snorkel and Water Safety Class.

Club members use their creativity to show their understanding and how they would tackle some of the issues facing the marine world today. From the wild, pretty, practical, wacky and occasionally downright scary it is great to hear their voices. Highlights for me so far have been the Sea Turtle Sanctuary where the visitor area of pink sand was separated by a glass wall for observing the turtles, the incredible sharks they designed and presented and the lively debate on gender roles in Disney – small tangent but they brought it back to the ocean!

This year we are going to be supporting Seal Primary Academy with their Marine Ecology Club for the first time and continue to look at other ways we work with local schools.

For now, thank you with your help we have issued over 75 SSI Ecology certifications to date. If you are interested in helping us by giving donation or time please get in touch.


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