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Why a Mask is not an Impulse Buy?

Updated: Feb 18

Imagine a lovely sunny day on the beach, the family is together, and the kids are playing happily. They want to explore in the water, and on impulse, you decide to buy a mask and snorkel. You stop at a local store selling beach bits and pieces, picking up a set with a bucket and spade off the shelf. You might be lucky and find the perfect mask but often it leaks and ends up spoiling the fun and being discarded in the bucket, dismissed as a waste of money. In contrast I have had my mask for over 5 years and used it hundreds of times - it has let me interact with pipefish, play with prawns, and observe crabs eating tea! Why is mine a ticket to hours of fun?

I did not just pick up the first one I saw. Our faces are almost as unique as our fingerprints, so one size does not fit all. I tried it for fit under the guidance of an expert who helped me get the right one. You are probably thinking that was expensive but in fact I spent just £35 for the mask and £16 for the snorkel. Across the five years it has cost me about 30 pence a use.


Smiling Snorkeller on beach with blue and snorkel set around her  neck
Mask and Snorkel Set

When a mask fits you correctly it is a pleasure to wear. It does not rub, leave marks on your face, hurt your nose, or fill with water. You have more fun and use it more often. The purpose of your mask is to let you see in water. Our eyes need air to process the images and a mask provides that space. It is an extension of you, and should work for you, not against you.

At Mulberry Marine Experiences, we personally fit all our customers from the smallest to oldest. We have masks designed to fit children, teens, ladies, and gents. Prices start from £25 for a set and the fitting is free. We look at the width and depth of your face and show you how to check the fit on land. We include tips on how to get the absolute best from your mask and care for it so it can last you years.

How long does a fitting take? About 15 to 20 minutes a person, about the same time it can take for some “impulse” masks to rub sores on your face. It is our job to find the perfect fit for you. If you already have a mask but are not happy bring it along, we will check fit and give you tips, we promise if it fits, to help you get the best from it.


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