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Free Immersion

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Take your time to progress your depth and equalisation

Service Description

What is Free Immersion? It is freediving using a line on both the way down and up, rather than your fins. Free Immersion is slower than constant weight. You work slowly towards depth, giving you time to focus on equalisation. If you have struggled to master head-down equalisation, then the head-up free immersion technique can help. By gently extending your depth and comfort Free Immersion is a relaxed and graceful discipline. Feel yourself glide through the water knowing you can stop to equalise as you need. You will see not only your confidence, but depth grow as you progress in Free Immersion. You need to be at least a Pool Freediver (or equivalent) to take part in the Free Immersion Course. After the workshop with your instructor you will take part in open water training sessions in the sea at Selsey, West Sussex, and other locations on the South Coast. Is there a minimum age? You need to be at least 12 years old. Do I need my own equipment? Only as mask and snorkel, we will provide everything else you need. How long does it take? It will be offered across one day, with your workshops taking place at the beach before you head into water to practice the skills. What is included? Digital Manual Academics workshops Two Open Water Sessions Digital certification card on completion Equipment hire (you will need a mask and snorkel set) Instructor time Everything you do help us do a little more so thank you.

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  • 225 British pounds
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Cancellation Policy

A non-refundable deposit of £150 is to be paid at the time of booking or the full balance if less than £150. Any course balances are to be settled fourteen days prior to the start of your course either in person or by BACS payment. All course prices quoted are for a minimum class size of two. You can opt for 1:1 training but this will incur additional costs. Course prices are for a set number of hours or sessions, any sessions required beyond this will be charged by the hour. Payment will be required in full before the session can take place. You agree to complete all independent/home study as required and specified by us, including reading, reviews and where appropriate online exams before your scheduled academic sessions and workshops. If you have not completed the required independent/home study you will be charged for any additional sessions that will be needed as a result, to avoid disruption to your fellow students. You agree to leave full days free for your training. Your timetable provides guide times for activities, but Open Water Sessions do not run to strict timings. You agree to be well rested prior to attending any training. If we deem you unfit to take part or are not advised by 09:00 that you are unwell, a charge for a repeat day will apply for training. You may cancel a Mulberry training course by submitting written notice via e-mail or letter - no verbal cancellations are accepted. The deposit paid is non-refundable and the balance of the course is subject to the following cancellation fees based on the full cost of the course at the time of booking: Cancelled with more than 30 days before scheduled commencement no further payments are necessary. If you made payment in full at the time of booking, we would refund the balance less the deposit to you by the same method as it was originally paid. Cancelled with less than month but more than 14 days before the scheduled commencement a 50% cancellation fee will be required from you, equivalent to the full course price less any deposit paid Cancelled with less than 14 days before the scheduled commencement you will be liable for the full cost of the course/event/activity at the price agreed at the time of booking.

Contact Details

+44 1243 601000

9 Orchard Parade, Selsey, Chichester, UK

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