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Mulberry Marine Ecology Summer School 2023/2024

We love working with younger ocean lovers, they have such an amazing depth of knowledge and real passion for the marine environment. We frequently find that they really want to contribute and help the seas and oceans, but they and their parents often find themselves faced with barriers to making it happen. We wanted to give an opportunity to as many as we could to get involved, whilst having fun, but particularly those who normally would not have the chance.


Blue skies and sun shinning on a large group of children sitting on the beach
2023 Summer Club Snorkel Day

In 2023 we ran our first ever Summer School and over six weeks in the summer holidays we provided 113 free or heavily sponsored places to local children living in the PO2O postcode. Each day had its own theme, examples included studying UK rays and their habitats, raising money for the RNLI with a sandcastle building competition, learning to snorkel and how best to interact with the local crab life with an Eco-crabbing day.  It rained and the wind blew more than we would have liked but the smiles were consistent and infectious. It was a great summer and amazing first year, but it was clear they wanted to do more things that helped. We took the feedback and made amendments so we can offer a summer school this year, structured around making a contribution to work being in carried out in the Marine Environment local to Selsey.

The 2024 Summer School will train members up so they can be an proactive Junior Marine Ecology Club with monthly sessions to continue the work they start this summer. How are we going to make it count? Mulberry Marine Experiences have been supporting the work of CHASM since it began, one our first after school club members helped design the logo!


Large letters spell CHASM with a crab nestling in the C and lobster after the M
CHASM logo designed with Mulberry Ecology Club

CHASM stands for Crustaceans Habitat and Sediment Movement; it was set up in 2020 to investigate why fishermen at Selsey were seeing a drop in lobster numbers and an influx in sediment on the fishing grounds. Working with fisherman, universities and local organisations CHASM looks at issues that affect Selsey’s fishing fleet, but the work has cross over and relevance to other projects and studies being undertaken beyond Selsey.

The Mulberry Junior Ecology Club will support the studies and work being carried out by CHASM. From site surveys looking at bottom and species composition, recording the species present, checking temperature data and sample collection we will regularly monitor sites for changes and patterns. To carry out this work safely we will be teaching them to Snorkel or Freedive, how to complete a survey on land and in water, about the species they are seeing and pulling it all together.


Grouping of mollusks,  a barnacle covered common limpet and two stacks of slipper limpets.
Limpets both Native and Invasive

Thanks to a securing a grant from Ferry Farm Community Solar we are going to be able to offer 24 places on a fully funded basis for those who meet the eligibility criteria. Participants will need to attend six half days, we will provide all the equipment they need, they just need enthusiasm, passion and to love the water as much as we do. It is going to be an incredible journey and if you want to know how your child can get involved send us an email at


We will be posting a series of pieces about CHASM past and present, highlighting work by our Junior Members so keep checking in.

Dates for 2024

  • July 26th

  • August 2nd, 7th, 9th, 14th and 16th

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